Invitation to Tilburg Lacrosse Club

Come to Tilburg to play full field, 10 vs 10 games from the 26th- 28th of July gainst international women and men’s teams!

Tilburg lacrosse is proud to announce...

 their 5 year existence. To celebrate this we would like to invite you to the TLC, Tilburg Lacrosse Cup.
We provide 8 men-slots and 8 women-slots for the tournament. A minimum of 12 players per team are required. Incomplete teams and pick-up players are welcome as well. Make sure to get in touch with each other to make a full team because we won't provide a slot for a pick up team but if necessary we can make one. Female players need to be 16 and over, male player 18 and over.  

Registration deadline: Please send applications before may 24, 2013 to
For more information please visit facebook You can also follow us on twitter @013tlc. Soon there will be a website for further details. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.