About us

EUROPEAN LACROSSE MAGAZINE (ELM) has been an initiative of various lacrosse players across Europe.
We are determined to deliver the hot topics in European Lacrosse to you in four magazines a year, namely in March, June, September, and December.

The ELM was founded in October 2004 by - among others - the group of people on the picture below. From left to right: Ed Grody, Michael Hoeck (initiator), Heike Marie Ebel, Valerie v. Eberhardt, Bob Scheider, Robert Corna, and Christoph Mistelbauer.

ELM Team

The current team of EUROPEAN LACROSSE MAGAZINE is:

Director &
 Advertising Sales: Michael Hoeck

Chief Editor: Joe Caulfield

Men's assistant editor: Wolfgang Grießl 

Women's assistant editor: Jackie Au

 Alexander Leszczenski