Info for authors

We are happy to welcome you as a potential author for EUROPEAN LACROSSE MAGAZINE. We hope that the following steps will make it easy for you to submit an article, so that you can worry about the important thing - writing.

Connect the European Lacrosse Community with your work! If you have any idea for an article, just contact j !

3 Steps for Submission

1: Get in contact with one of the editors (see "About Us") and tell us about your idea. We’ll give our feedback, some useful hints, and answers to your questions.

2: Write a text in any program (e.g. MS Word) and send it to us. Please also attach some interesting pictures. The pictures should preferably have 300 dpi. Download details here: PICTURE SIZES

3: After we have received your article, we might have some suggestions for revisions and change the content a little bit. We will send you the article for authorization before we publish it, so you’ll just have to tell us whether you agree with the final version.

Deadlines, Proofreading, and Revisions
The deadline for an article is two months prior the publication date of an issue, that is Jan 31st (March Issue), April 30th (June Issue), July 31st (September Issue) and October 31st (December Issue). Please proofread your articles before submitting them to us. In case we have a suggestion for changing your work, we’ll contact you 6 weeks before the publication date the latest. Copy editing will be handled by our design team. During this step, the design team may contact you directly. However, if the corrections are small, this may not be the case. Problems with graphics will also be addressed.

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Info for authors
3 Steps for Submission
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