Clubs in Europe

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Aachen Lacrosse
Founded 1998, Aachen Lacrosse has been constantly improving its game and invested a lot of time in a youth program. Today, Aachen hosts two men´s teams, one women´s team and one youth team (mixed). Homes of Aachen Lacrosse is the VfL 05 Aachen in the south of Aachen. Play Laix!
Aberdeen University Lacrosse
Welcome to Aberdeen University Lacrosse Club. We regularly field both a mixed team and a women?s team (for Aberdeen men's team follow this link), competing against other Scottish universities and clubs.
Amsterdam Lacrosse
The Amsterdam Lions are one of the biggest lacrosse clubs in The Netherlands.
Antlers Lacrosse im Düsseldorfer SC 1899.
Die Antlers gibt es seit Mai 2004. In diesem Monat wurde Lacrosse als Sparte im Düsseldorfer Sport Club von 1899 (DSC 99) aufgenommen und der Kern der heutigen Mannschaft nahm den Trainingsbetrieb an der Diepenstraße auf.
Beckenham Lacrosse Club
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Berlin BHC Lacrosse
The former VfK Lacrosse Club Berlin is now named BHC Lacrosse and can be reached at
Berlin Victoria Lacrosse
The Victoria Lacrosse Club in Berlin can be reached under
Bonn Lacrosse
Bonn Lacrosse can be reached at
Bundeswehr Lacrosse
Lacrosse team of the University of the German Military in Munich.
Cambridge University Lacrosse Club
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Carinthian Cardinals
Clapham Lacrosse
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Copenhagen Lacrosse
Copenhagen Lacrosse is the first lacrosse club in Denmark. The club was founded in Copenhagen in early 2002 by a group of people who wanted to bring Canada's national sport - also known as "the fastest game on two feet" to Denmark. Even though Copenhagen Lacrosse is still a relatively new club, we have great ambitions both in terms of developing a highly competitive team but also in terms of creating a fantastic club atmosphere where members have pride in their club, and not only for its hard work on the field.
Cottbus Cannibals
The Cottbus Cannibals can be reached under
Den Haag Lacrosse
Den Haag Lacrosse was founded in the fall of 2005 when two former players of Amsterdam Lions decided it was time to bring lacrosse to Den Haag (The Hague). The two founders are experienced lacrosse players and seek not only to build up a strong club in Den Haag that can compete with other teams in and outside of the Netherlands but also to spread the sport of lacrosse to as many people as possible in Den Haag.
Deutschland Adler
Germany's first indoor lacrosse team Website:
Dresden Braves
The Dresden Braves can be reached under
Dublin, UCD Lacrosse
UCD Lacrosse can be reached at We have a men's (both field and box lacrosse) and a women's lacrosse team. There are 20 male and 20 female players at the moment. Head coach: Chris Arnold,, Phone: +353863346678 Men's Captain: Paddy O'Leary,, Phone: +353851438052
Dublin Lacrosse
Dublin Lacrosse is a professional organisation dedicated to achieving successful development at a high standard of men's and women's lacrosse teams in and around Dublin.
Edinburgh Stars
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Edinburgh Thistle Lacrosse Club
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Emmen Lacrosse
Emmen Lacrosse is one of the newest lacrosse clubs in The Netherlands and still under development.
German Oaks
The German Oaks are the alumni organization of German lacrosse and support any lacrosse initiative in Germany or Europe financially.
GHK Lacrosse Club
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Giessen Lacrosse
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Glasgow University
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Golden Girls
The Golden Lacrosse Girls are an alumni club of German lacrosse ladies.
Graz Gladiators
Visit the Graz Gladiators at!
Hamburg Warriors
The Hamburg Warriors can be reached under
Hampstead Lacrosse Club
Hampstead Lacrosse Club is based in London,England, and one of the oldest lacrosse clubs in England and Europe.
Hannover Dragons
The Hannover Dragons are part of the SC Germania List in Hannover and can be reached under
Heidelberg Lacrosse Club
Visit our webpage at
Helsinki Lacrosse Club
Lacrosse arrived to Finland in the year 2000 when Antti Salomaa and Karo Nikkila saw the movie American Pie and got interested in the game. The Helsinki Lacrosse Club was founded in 2002. It has taken part in the Swedish league, getting valuable experience and helpfull advise from the more experienced Swedish players. It has also competed in tournaments, includin Fall Ball in Sweden and Berlin Open. Helsinki Lacrosse Club won the first ever Finnish Lacrosse Championship tournament held in Helsinki during the summer of 2005. Helsinki Lacrosse Club also has womens team, with players coming from Helsinki and Jyvaskyla.
Herfordshire Comets
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Hillcroft Lacrosse Club
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James Gillespie's Junior Club
Ji?ní Město Lacrosse
Go to to get to know more about Ji?ní Město Lacrosse.
Kiel Lacrosse
Kiel lacrosse can be reached at
Kromeriz Lacrosse Club
Lacrosse Club Kromeriz was founded in 2002 as the first lacrosse club in Moravia. The club´s most active part of is a box lacrosse team. Unfortunately, this season the box lacrosse team is not going to play Czech National Box Lacrosse League as we did last years, but still we're going to play the European Lacrosse League and many other tournaments in Czech Republic and abroad. We've got our own tournament called KM Cup, this year we enjoyed 9th volume of tournament. During the winter we play intercrosse. We organize our own city league called Kromeriz Intercrosse Challenge and we also play Moravian Intercrosse League. We've also got a team of women lacrosse and czech lacrosse. These teams are currently in reconstruction.
Lacrosse Club Custodes Radotin
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Landshut Lacrosse
Landshut Lacrosse can be reached under
Linz Lions
1st Lacrosse Club in Upper-Austria founded by former Vienna Monarchs players! The LINZ LIONS can be reached under
Manchester Waconians LC
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Marburg Saints
The Marburg Saints
Mellor Lacrosse
Lacrosse Club in the East of Manchester
Muenchen Lacrosse Club (LCM)
The Lacrosse Club Muenchen can be reached under
Münster Mohawks
The Münster Mohaks can be reached under
Original Gaylords Lacrosse
Münster Mohawks Alumni Team
Pardubice Lacrosse Club
Find out more at
Passau Lacrosse
The Passau Lacrosse Club can be reached under
Perugia Lacrosse
Phoenix Perugia Lacrosse, A Lacrosse team in Perugia Central Italy. facebook: Phoenix Perugia Lacrosse web: email:
Purley Lacrosse
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Reading Wildcats
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Roma Leones Lacrosse
ASD Roma Leones Lacrosse
Rosemeadians Lacrosse
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Salzburg Arizonas
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Sons of Europe
Club of Europeans in the US. The basic story is we are a newly-formed team consisting of European and 1st-generation emigrants who play lacrosse and will be age 50 or more in 2006. We look to the future when each European country will have enough Centurians to field a team.
St.Gallen Lacrosse
Seit 2006 wird auch in St. Gallen Lacrosse gespielt. In der Zwischenzeit konnten wir uns als drittstärkstes Team in der Schweiz etablieren. Unsere beiden Herrenteams sind auf kontinuierlichen Erfolg beziehungsweise der Nachwuchsförderung ausgerichtet. Mit den St. Gallen Cougars ist uns neu ab 2012 auch ein Damen-Lacrosse Team angeschlossen.
St Andrews University
Stavanger Lacrosse
Stavanger Lacrosse is the second lacrosse club in Norway. It is in development and will be supported by Bob Scheider from Frankfurt soon.
Stockport Lacrosse
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Stuttgart Lacrosse
Stuttgart Lacrosse can be reached under
Tricksters lacrosse team (Bratislava)
First lacrosse team in Slovakia
Turku Titans Lacrosse
The Turku Titans are a Lacrosse Club in Finland, and were founded in 2005.
Utrecht Lacrosse
Utrecht Lacrosse Club
Vienna Cherokees
The Vienna Cherokees can be reached under
Vienna Monarchs
Vienna Monarchs - 1. Lacrosse Verein Wien Sternwartestraße 8/13, 1180 Wien phone: +43 699 118 46 325 Visit to find out more!
Wiesbaden Lacrosse
Wilmslow LC
Team: 2 x Men, 1 x Ladies, U19 Men, U12, U14 & U16 Boys & U12, U14 & U16 Girls teams Number of players in club: Male: 60 Female: 20 U 19 Male: 80 U 19 Female: 50
Würzburg Lacrosse
Lacrosse was added to the University of Würzburg's sports program in October 2008. Soon after, the participating students joined a local sports club, Freie Turner Würzburg e.V., where they were warmly welcomed. Due to a shortage of players, they teamed up with laxers from Erlangen to field a full team in the Bundesliga-Süd. This partnership lasted for three seasons, culminating in the 2011/12 championship in the 2. Bundesliga-Süd. As the number of members has steadily risen over the last four years, FT Würzburg Lacrosse is now finally able to field a men's team as well as a women’s team, which has been playing in the Bundesliga-Süd since 2011
Zuerich Lacrosse
Zuerich Lacrosse is the first field lacrosse club in Switzerland.